Our sectors and fields in development

7 Sectors 
13 Fields

  • Economic Empowerment Sector.
  • Integrated Development Sector.
  • Environment Sector. 
  • Healthcare Sector. 
  • Education Sector.
  • Culture Sector.
  • Social Support and Humanitarian Aid Sector.

 10 Years Of Community Development 

Fadilia Foundation

Fadilia Foundation is a community organization founded in 2011 that aims to provide development solutions in the community development sector by providing diversified portfolios of projects and programs characterized by sustainable development and integrated development to help marginalized communities to convert into sustainable communities for the sake of achieving comprehensive development in efforts to improve the quality of life. 

Our Vision

Fadilia is a community model of sustainable development for the sake of marginalized communities over the social life aspect, cultural life aspect, economic life aspect and environmental life aspect which is inspiring development organizations worldwide for a better quality of life. 

Our Mission

Improve the quality of life for marginalized communities to realize sustainable community life

Our Values

  • Individual Values: virtue Value
  • Organization Values: Social Impact Value
  • Work philosophy Values: Professionalism Value
  • Organizational culture Values: Bearing Social Responsibility Value
  • Stakeholders Values: Sustainable Development Value

Our Scope of Work

  • Providing Institutional Support Consultations.  
  • Managing Corporate Social Responsibility.
  • Managing Advocacy and Awareness Camps. 
  • Managing Capacity Building Trainings.
  • Managing Monitoring and Evaluation.
  • Managing Research and Assessment.
  • Managing Projects.
  • Managing Events.
  • Managing Grants.