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Fadilia Business Incubator

Fadilia Business Incubator is a business incubator that aims to provide dialogue forums, discussion forums, and business incubation cycles to provide; capacity building training, one-to-one mentorship, seed-fund, coworking space and networking opportunities to help marginalized creative crafts owners to gain a sustainable, integrated and comprehensive experience seeking for support micro-entrepreneurs in social entrepreneurship field in our efforts to empower economic growth.

Aspect: Economical Life Aspect
Sector: Economic Empowerment Sector
Field: Social Entrepreneurship Field

Learning Duration
Fadilia Initiatives
Incubation Cycle: 6 months
Fadilia Initiatives Café: 1 day
Fadilia Initiatives Workshops: 1 day

Learning Dates

Morning Class Group: 10am - 4pm
Evening Class Group: 6pm - 9pm

Learning Hubs

Alexandria Governorate
Asyut Governorate
Cairo Governorate
Giza Governorate
Port Said Governorate
Online Learning

Learning Cost

Fadilia Business
Incubation Cycle

Fadilia Business Incubation Cycle is a micro-businesses support programme that aims to provide a learning journey over 6 months including capacity building trainings, mentorship sessions, seed-fund, a shared co-working space and networking opportunities to help individuals and groups to gain a comprehensive learning journey that transfers the businesses from the idea stage to the actual implementation stage with entrepreneurial innovation.

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Fadilia Business Café

Fadilia Business Café is a networking event that aims to provide dialogue, exchanging and networking opportunities between initiatives and decision-makers/stakeholders across diversified communities to help business pioneers to gain a communication platform in micro-businesses.

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Fadilia Business Workshops

Fadilia Business Workshops is a learning event that aims to provide essential knowledge and skills on the topics of micro-businesses to help business pioneers and who are interested in leading businesses to gain a good education and adequate awareness about micro-business.

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